Be Healthier without Blue Light,
Paper-like Reading Experience

Research shows that facing to the blue light from screen, computer,
mobile phone and other screens for long time, will cause damage to eyes.
E-ink screen of YOTA3 is non emissive display and has no blue light hazard.
Keeping your eyes healthy, while you are enjoying paper-like reading experience.

Anti-glare and Anti- Fingerprint,
Reading under the sunlight is more visible

YOTA3 E-ink screen is processed with AG glass anti-glare and AF coating anti-fingerprint technology.
Under strong light, there is no reflection, no flashing, and no harm to eyes.
Tapping and sliding will not leave marks. Reading becomes easier and visible.
Holding YOTA in hand, the beautiful bright sunshine will not disturb your talk with noble souls.

Bright Color AMOLED,
No Color-loss Eye-protection Mode

Compared with LCD screen, AMOLED display can effectively reduce the blue light radiation,
and eye protection effect is two times more.
YOTA has been devoted to research deeply and heavily on the principle of AMOLED emission
and after thousands of tests to find the color with the least blue light as the main color
system for eye protection mode to care for your eyes.