YOTA3 Unique Dual Screen Design

One side fast and one side slow, one side dynamic and one side static,
One side hustle and one side quiet,
One side for the world and the other side for the self.


MoZhi Reading

With MoZhi and Knowledge in Hold,
Elegance in Mold



Green Reading, Tailored for your Eyes

YOTA3 E-ink screen brings a paper-like reading experience.
No Blue light, no glare and no harm to eyes, avoid visual fatigue.
Front color screen AMOLED with customized eye-protection mode has
effectively reduced blue light radiation.



Powerful Performance

YOTA3 with Qualcomm eight-core processor, and 128GB vast memory,
data process is more effectively.

Support dual SIM cards, dual standby, 6 modules, 22 bands, Netcom.



Dual System

YOTA stems from the Russian Technologies State Corporation(Rostec).
With the accumulation in the military industry and high-tech civilian
technology, China and Russia jointly develops and launches
an enhanced dual control system, employs the world's
leading Russian military technology to improve products
in the aspects of security, speed, production process,
power-saving, operating experience etc. and has obtained over
100 global core patents.


About Us

YOTA as a hybrid product with the Russian gene and Chinese innovation, it is a benchmark project under The Belt and Road Initiative. It is not only a Russian representative of the military-industrial technical products, but also a crystallization of the wisdom in science and technology of China. YOTA is a competitive brand with international spirit and transnational background.

In Nov. 2014, YotaPhone2 was presented as an official gift by Russian president Putin to Chinese president Xi. This event opened a new chapter of the friendly exchange between China and Russia on the high-tech products.

Customers Service Hotline: 400 0388 666

Service Hour: 9:00~21:00

77-day Return with “No Reasons”
Within 7 days from the date of receipt of the purchased YOTA mobile phone, with the product under an intact condition, a return request can be submitted within 7 days without any reasons. The shipping costs should be paid by the customer who requests for a return under this policy.
Within 7 days from the date of receipt, any occurrence of performance problems, which is listed in "Mobile Phone Performance Fault Table" according to Chinese national regulation, and verified by the YOTA mobile phone sales position or official authorized service center within the scope of the “Three Guarantees” service of repair, replacement and return. You can choose to repair, exchange a mobile phone assembly with the same model and specifications, or return; if you choose to return, please contact with the online sales platform or sales company, from which you have purchased the item, and return according to the guidelines of the sales platform or sales company.
To return the product, please retain the original packing, assembly, accessories and invoice in a satisfied condition and complete.
1515-day Exchange Guarantee against Defects
Within 15 days from the date of receipt of the product, any occurrence of performance failures included in the scope of the “Three Guarantees” service and verified by the YOTA mobile phone manufacturer or official authorized service center, you can choose a free repair, or to exchange a mobile phone assembly with the same model and specifications. To exchange the product, please provide the purchase invoice, fill in the warranty card with complete information, and other valid purchase proofs.
11-year Warranty
1) Upon the date of purchase within 1 year, any occurrence of non-human-factor performance failures within the scope of the “Three Guarantees” policy and verified by the YOTA official authorized repair or service centers, you can choose free maintenance services.
2) If the performance failure remains after twice maintenance services mentioned above, the seller will be responsible to provide a free exchange to the user with an item of the same model and specifications. To exchange the item, a Warranty Card with complete maintenance records provided by technical maintenance personnel is required

Warm Reminder: To protect your information, please back up the important stored data, such as contact numbers, personal data and other information, and erase the data before you send out the mobile phone for maintenance.