Massive Contents

800 thousand well selected books. Reading makes you different.

Watch Video

One key to share

Share the content of articles and reading thoughts
with your friends anytime anywhere, enjoy the fun
from reading interaction.

Vertical Field, Selected Content

YOTA Heavy integration of vertical fields of selected content, multi-dimensional and multi-level
Mobile reading, accompanying you to find a new world.

Synchronized Kindle Panel
Install a kindle into a mobile phone

Portable reading is more convenient

To fulfill the requirements for kindle users, the reading content has been further enriched. Collaborating with kindle, YOTA launches a synchronized kindle panel. To combine a mobile phone and a kindle into one device with real-time synchronization, it is convenient and portable for the users to read any time.

Better Paper-like Reading Experience

The certification of the China National Institute of Standardization: YOTA3 E-ink screen has outstanding advantages in the aspects of solutions on flashing screen and ghosting image, and anti-glare.

Synchronized Discovery Panel

Extend more features and contents of
E-ink screen each month

Adapted and optimized popular APPs are collected into discovery
panel of back screen to achieve synchronization from the front screen to
the back screen, and satisfy various requirements.

Reading Mode

You can turn off your mobile phone, enter the reading mode and
start a quiet reading journey during the flight.

Today Lock Screen

The clock can be set as the cover of the lock screen,
and the screen can be always displayed without unlock.