When E-ink Screen Meets AMOLED Display

Dual-screen Makes Vision More Splendid

YOTA collaborates with E Ink to create the 2nd generation 5.2 inch
Carta customized HD ink screen, with high resolution, high contrast,
high sensitivity multi touch, ultra-low power consumption,
and creates a different ink vision.

YOTA3 is equipped with 5.5 inch FHD AMOLED high-definition
color screen. It has 1.49mm ultra narrow border and high color
saturation. AMOLED is clearly visible whether it is faced directly
or indirectly, under the sunlight or evening.

Full Pixel Dual Core Hawk-Eye

Real-time Focus Enshrine the Eternal Moments

YOTA3 is installed with an advanced full pixel dual core focus technology.
the main camera is equipped with 1.4μ large pixel dual core SONY module.
Dual core structure makes the lens like Hawkeye, which enables focus
quickly and accurately in real time, rapidly capture every special moment
to treasure for life time.

Charge for 10 minutes, Read for 10 hours

A journey accompanied with book is blissful

The unique physical display feature of E-ink screen enables it to achieve
real zero power consumption when displaying contents. Even to charges
for 10 minutes or with 15% low power consumption, it can be used to read
for 10 hours unhurriedly. A long journey with books is blissful.

Fast Waterproof Fingerprint

Put on a protective coat for your mobile phone
YOTA3 fingerprint utilizes AF coating technology to put on a
waterproof protective coat to the mobile phone. It helps
resisting fingerprints, sweat and dirt, and enhances
touch sensitivity to unlock.

Enjoy the music while reading

Reading accompanied with music is more wonderful

The unique dual system of YOTA supports operation simultaneously.
Play the music in the color screen and read in the E-ink screen, to immerse
yourself in the music world, while wandering the sea of book by reading.

Qualcomm Eight-core Processor, 128GB Memory*

Outstanding configuration, pioneered the best performance of dual screen mobile phone.

* The memory specification varies according to different versions.

Netcom 3.0

As a global famous brand, YOTA3 has 6 modules, 22 bands, dual SIM cards,
dual standby, Netcom and switching 4G from different carrier. It supports
global mainstream bands, such as China, Europe and Russia.