Over 100 Global Core Patents

YOTA, as a pioneer of dual screen mobile phone, is devoted to
developdual screen operating system for 7 years, and has obtained
over 100 authoritative global core patents of ink screen and dual
screen control system.

Power Saving, Longer Battery Life

The ink screen is different from the ordinary color screen. It is a non-emissive electrophoretic ink screen.
The bi-stable technology enables the screen continuously displaying with zero power consumption on the screen without the power supply.
AMOLED display generate light from required pixels, which reduces the power consumption of screen to be 30% lower than ordinary LCD screen.


Watch TV show and chat at the same time, movies and WeChat display
in split screens, play around the palm world with high efficiency.

Story Album

The album employs face recognition feature. It can automatically identify face in the photos and sort out the photos.
It can also combine several selected photos and add music to generate commemorative dynamic story albums.


It provides various kinds of templates including conference, travel, subscriptions, checklist, e-commerce promotion,
mood quote, activity invitation, food sharing and so on. It also supports one key sharing.

Theme of MoZhi Screen

YOTA3 with exclusive reading style theme, which not only demonstrates the air of grace and prudent,
but also carries the characteristics of reduction of power consumption.

Official Built-in Application

Developed by Chongqing Baoli Yota Technologies Limited, YOTA's official built-in APP is an integral part for basic user experience.
For a better experience, this part of the application cannot be uninstalled.

Third Party Built-in Applications

The third party built-in application is an application developed by a third party company that has been carefully screened and verified.
This part can be uninstalled in the 'setup - application management'.